46re transmission problems no reverse


This tutorial is a primer that'll help you find out if the problem with your Dodge or Jeep's 42RE, 44RE or 46RE computer controlled transmission is electrical in nature or if the problem is due to internal damage that'll require an overhaul without having to drop it and tear it down.

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All 3 of these are computer controlled and have an electrically operated valve body to control the upshifts and downshifts.

All three also provide a self-diagnostic feature as part of their transmission control program. The most important thing to know, when trying to troubleshoot a transmission problem, is that the 42RE, 44RE, or 46RE automatic transmission usually fails in one of two ways:. All Articles: 3.

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As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases from the Amazon product links from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real diagnostic testing information to help you solve the problem! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Contents of this tutorial:. Applies To:.

Dodge Vehicles:. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!A Transmission and reputation you can depend on! We ensure that all the current updates are performed, during reassembly each unit is ran through tests to ensure correct assembly and quality. Warranty: This transmission comes with a 1 Year 36, Mile Warranty with the purchase of a new torque converter.

Core Information: Buyer is required to swap a GOOD core for this trans otherwise there will be a core charge in addition to the above price.

46re transmission problems no reverse

Core must NOT have any hard part, or case damage, otherwise there will be additional charges for hard part damage. Availability: Majority of units are in stock, if we do not have one in stock they are quickly available in most case, as little as one day. There are many different version of this transmission model available so please call for additional details.

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Skip to content. Remanufactured 46RE Transmission. The Sonnax replacement plug K has been manufactured from hardened steel to more than double the tensile strength of the part. This is replaced with a specially designed accumulator spring to restore the proper shift feel and is resistant to breaking or fatigue.

Allows Re-use of valve bodies with worn Throttle Valve Bores. New TV valve has relocated lands that provides the valve with support from an unworn area of the bore restoring normal function. Vehicle Finder Select Year Select Make. Select Model. Select Engine. Select Drive. Vehicles History. Select Year Search for: Search. Product Details. View Product.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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46re no rev

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Freshly rebuilt 46RE will not shift! Thread starter LipschitzWrath Start date Sep 30, LipschitzWrath Jr. Joined Sep 30, Messages 27 Points 0. I need some help with the transmission problem I'm having. I just got done rebuilding the transmission for my Jeep grand Cherokee. It failed on me back in April aftermiles and I just recently got around rebuilding it.

Throughout the entire process, I spent more time waiting on parts to be delivered to me than actually doing work to the transmission. It has been very frustrating. Anyways I finally got the transmission put back in the jeep yesterday morning. I took it for test drive and unfortunately it will not shift out of first gear. Nothing feels like it is slipping. It actually pulls very hard in both first and reverse.

I tried adjusting the TV cable in both directions and that did not help. I have heard that when this problem happens to others they can just rev the engine higher and get it to make a shift. I was unable to force a shift despite taking my engine to RPM and then completely letting off the throttle. I feared that it was the infamous governor pressure solenoid on these transmissions that was causing the problem. However no CEL was being set so I decided to do a hydraulic pressure test to confirm.

After that it seems that governor pressure tracks with vehicle speed very smoothly. My research also pointed me to something with the intermediate band. I triple checked the adjustment on this band before putting it back in the vehicle but I have not rechecked since installation.

I can do that tomorrow if anybody thinks there is merit. However I am having a hard time believing this is the problem because if it were I would still be a force a shift correct?

While I have the transmission apart I took the time to do a very thorough cleaning of the valve body. Every valve was meticulously cleaned as were all the valve passages.

I lubricated all the valves during reassembly and ensured they slid freely and in their bores. Lastly before buttoning the transmission up I performed an air test through all the clutch and servo passages.Dodge on the other hand, decided to make a midsize truck that was more capable than an S or Ranger, yet small enough to be easier to drive and more fuel efficient than a fullsize truck.

The Dodge Dakota proved popular, and V8 equipped models got upgraded to the heavy duty Dodge 46RE transmission in This gearbox remained in use untiland has since helped countless owners to get their jobs done. However time and mileage can take their toll.

Factory design flaws are the most common cause of these problems, and Street Smart Transmission has taken steps to correct all of them. To that end, every remanufactured Dodge Dakota transmission gets a modified valve body, a remanufactured and enhanced pump, an upgraded pressure regulator valve, custom-spec see: Stronger bushings, an upgraded 8-plate OD direct clutch, 4-plate OD clutch, and a much stronger 5-pinion OD planetary assembly.

Besides all of the OE design flaws, many common Dodge Dakota transmission problems can also be linked to overheating. The ATF is designed to absorb heat from all of the moving parts, then expel said heat as it passes through a cooling chamber at the bottom of the radiator.

However towing, hauling, and constant up-down shifting i. Yet another complaint about the Dodge Dakota 46RE transmission is no reverse engagement.

In some cases, this issue can be linked to the above problems.

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But Street Smart Transmission has also upgraded each remanufactured 46RE transmission to address this specific problem. And that day junkyard warranty only covers a replacement 46RE transmission, not the labor charges to install it.

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A better idea would be to get a rebuilt Dodge Dakota 46RE transmission. These are typically assembled by a mechanic using an OE master rebuild kit, so all of the factory issues will eventually reappear. This transferable coverage will pay parts and labor on transmission repairs that are performed by any licensed repair shop in the country.

Remanufactured Dodge Dakota Transmissions. Get A Transmission Quote. Overheating Besides all of the OE design flaws, many common Dodge Dakota transmission problems can also be linked to overheating. To get your Dakota back on the road fast, give us a call at Or you can click here to check on the price and availability of a remanufactured Dodge Dakota 46RE transmission.What makes it pretty easy to tell if the automatic transmission failure is just a solenoid related issue Remember, what will tell you that you have a solenoid or internal transmission sensor problem is:.

Let's move on to the next subheading and find out more about the specific symptoms a 42RE, 44RE, or 46RE with internal damage All Articles: 3. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy!

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases from the Amazon product links from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real diagnostic testing information to help you solve the problem! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. Here are some very specific symptoms you'll see when a transmission solenoid goes bad: The PCM is also gonna' light up the check engine light CEL and store a specific shift solenoid diagnostic trouble code DTC.

As you accelerate your vehicle, it feels very underpowered.

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This is due to the fact that the transmission is starting out in 2nd gear. At speeds over 35 MPH, the engine feels like it's over-revving. This is also due to the fact that the transmission is staying in 2nd gear and the gear ratio provided by 2nd gear is gonna' keep the engine working pretty hard at any speed above 35 MPH.

Remember, what will tell you that you have a solenoid or internal transmission sensor problem is: You'll have a specific transmission diagnostic trouble code or a Speed sensor diagnostic trouble code. Here are some more specifics that will let you know if it's time for an overhaul or replacement:. Applies To:.

Dodge Vehicles:. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!By pepsi71ocean. Hey Guys, Pepsi here with another article.

46re transmission problems no reverse

This one I feel is pertinent fo r diagnosing transmission issues. I've compiled this from a few of my articles and some more threads. Check to make sure your fluid is between the two sets of dots, either the lower set or the upper set.

Troubleshooting Dodge Transmission Problems

Now that you've done this, This next section will be of use in understanding what clutches do what and when. If you identify your issue from here great if not then well get to testing pressures.

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Shorthanded Diagnostics…. The rear clutch is applied in all forward ranges D, 2, 1. The overrunning clutch is applied in first gear D, 2 and 1 ranges only. The rear band is applied in 1 and R range only. The overdrive clutch is applied only in fourth gear. However the overdrive direct clutch and overrunning clutch are applied in all ranges except fourth gear.

Examples… If slippage occurs in first gear in D and 2 range but not in 1 range, the transmission overrunning clutch is faulty. Similarly, if slippage occurs in any two forward gears, the rear clutch is slipping. Applying the same method of analysis, one note that the front and rear clutches are applied simultaneously only in D range third and fourth gear.

If the transmission slips in third gear, either the front clutch or the rear clutch is slipping.

Diagnosing Jeep Grand Cherokee Shifting Problems

If the transmission slips in fourth gear but not in third gear, the overdrive clutch is slipping. By selecting another gear which does not use these clutches, the slipping unit can be determined. For another example, if the transmission also slips in Reverse, the front clutch is slipping. If the transmission does not slip in Reverse, the rear clutch is slipping.

46RE Troubleshooting, Diagnostic Help!

If slippage occurs during the shift or only in fourth gear, the overdrive clutch is slipping. Similarly, if the direct clutch were to fail, the transmission would lose both reverse gear and overrun braking in 2 position manual second gear. If the transmission will not shift to fourth gear, the control switch, overdrive solenoid or related wiring may also be the problem cause.

This process of elimination can be used to identify a slipping unit and check operation. Although road test analysis will help determine the slipping unit, the actual cause of a malfunction usually cannot be determined until hydraulic and air pressure tests are performed. Practically any condition can be caused by leaking hydraulic circuits or sticking valves. Unless a malfunction is obvious, such as no drive in D range first gear, do not disassemble the transmission.

Perform the hydraulic and air pressure tests to help determine the probable cause. OK So now comes the fun part.There is a common issue with shifting on a number of Jeep Grand Cherokee models as they age and their mileage increases.

You're often still able to drive the vehicle, but it only operates in one or two gears. For example, you may find that you're only able to drive the car in the automatic transmission's third gear, only being able to select the other two gears when you shift the transmission manually. The most common cause of transmission problems is the easiest to fix: check the fluid level in the transmission and restore it to the proper levels.

Very often, this will solve the problem. But Jeep Grand Cherokees seem especially prone to more serious transmission problems, and some owners are quite vexed at their inability to determine the causes.

On models with OBD onboard diagnostics systems, a code scanner plugged into the diagnostic port gives you a reading to help identify the problem. However, easy solutions still exist even if you don't have a code reader.

46re transmission problems no reverse

Below, you'll find the list of Transmission Fault Codes for Jeep automatic transmissions. You may or may not be skilled enough to actually fix the problems indicated by the flash codes yourself, but you're better-armed with an understanding of where the issues lay as you seek help from a mechanic. Matthew Wright. Matthew Wright has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years and an automotive repair professional for three decades specializing in European vintage vehicles.

Updated September 16, Immediately begin counting the number of flashes displayed by the Overdrive Off Switch indicator lamp. There will be two sets of flashes, separated by a pause. The number of flashes in each group indicates the first and second digit in the flash codes.

A code 55 identifies the end of flash code transmission.